PickHoops launches BracketAdvice

Millions of people fill out college basketball brackets every March. Nearly all of them are quickly busted. In perhaps no other human activity do so many people make so many uninformed and unsuccessful predictions.

How can BracketAdvice help?

We’ve got our own team ratings model that accounts for teams’ offensive and defensive performances, the quality of the teams those performances were against, and when those games were played. We use these ratings as the basis for our predictions.

We’ve also been running PickHoops.com since 1996.  Over the years we’ve tracked over 750,000 brackets from tiny groups to giant corporate promotions  With this much data we can try to answer some interesting questions.

What’s common among pool winners year over year?  What strategies work for smaller pools versus larger pools?  Are people biased towards local teams, and does picking against local teams really work?  What are common bracket errors?

We can’t promise you’ll win your pool because of BracketAdvice, but that won’t be for lack of trying.  We can promise strategies based on data and some fun insights along the way.

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